Hearing Aid Problems, Troubleshooting, Repair, & Cleaning

Are you having problems with your hearing aids? View our suggestions for common hearing aid problems below. We provide advice about hearing aid troubleshooting, repair, and cleaning methods to resolve your issue. Contact an audiologist at Lake Forest Hearing with questions or concerns about hearing aids.

Volume is reduced -->
Possible Answers
1) The holes are blocked: clean them with a small brush and exchange the cerumen filter
2) The earmold is blocked: clean it and blow out the sound tube with an airblower
3) The microphone opening is blocked: contact your hearing-care professional
Whistling sound -->
Possible Answers
1) The earmold is not inserted properly
2) The sound tube is blocked and must be cleaned or replaced
3) The auditory canal is blocked by cerumen: consult your ENT-specialist
Fit is not snug -->
Possible Answer
Contact your hearing-care professional.
Not functioning -->
Possible Answers
1) The battery is empty: replace it with a new one
2) The battery compartment is not closed properly
3) The earmold is blocked by cerumen: consult your hearing-care professional
Slipping out -->
Possible Answer
There are oil deposits in the auditory canal: clean your hearing aid and ear with a soft cloth.
Causes pain -->
Possible Answer
The hearing aid is not positioned properly: remove it and reposition it.
Hard to insert -->
Possible Answer
Apply a small amount of lubricant on the skin of the ear orifice.

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