Troubleshooting your hearing aids

Volume is reduced -->
Possible Answers
1) The holes are blocked: clean them with a small brush and exchange the cerumen filter
2) The earmold is blocked: clean it and blow out the sound tube with an airblower
3) The microphone opening is blocked: contact your hearing-care professional
Whistling sound -->
Possible Answers
1) The earmold is not inserted properly
2) The sound tube is blocked and must be cleaned or replaced
3) The auditory canal is blocked by cerumen: consult your ENT-specialist
Fit is not snug -->
Possible Answer
Contact your hearing-care professional.
Not functioning -->
Possible Answers
1) The battery is empty: replace it with a new one
2) The battery compartment is not closed properly
3) The earmold is blocked by cerumen: consult your hearing-care professional
Slipping out -->
Possible Answer
There are oil deposits in the auditory canal: clean your hearing aid and ear with a soft cloth.
Causes pain -->
Possible Answer
The hearing aid is not positioned properly: remove it and reposition it.
Hard to insert -->
Possible Answer
Apply a small amount of lubricant on the skin of the ear orifice.

Content Credit: Oticon People First 

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