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Protect Your Hearing and Your Brain

e-Racer 500 Earphones

The Sensaphonics e-Racer 500 earphones represent the cutting edge in race team communications. Used by all drivers in the Indy Racing League (IRL), Infiniti Pro Series and Champ Car (CART) series. They are the premier telecommunications earphones in the racing industry. The e-Racer 500 is a custom-molded earphone made of super soft gel silicone, providing the highest degree of safety, comfort and isolation from the intense noise levels on the track. Inside the custom earphones, tiny micro-speakers reproduce pit crew communications with exceptional clarity. There is outgoing information from the e-Racer 500 as well. Integrated within the earphones is the Delphi sensor system, which constantly monitors the dynamic forces exerted on the driver’s head. In the event of a crash, this information helps in the understanding and prevention of future head injuries. In the world of competitive racing, strategic communications are critical to success. The e-Racer 500 answers that critical need in comfort while preserving hearing health through the superior isolation of our custom-fit silicone design.

ER-20 & Regular Fit Earplugs

The ER-20 is a low cost, ready to use, one-size-fits-all earplug that replicates the ear’s natural frequency response. Regular Fit Earplugs are sonically identical, but use a smaller flange designed for youths and others with small ear canals. Both reduce sound levels quite evenly across all frequencies. As a result, music still sounds clear and natural, but levels are reduced by 20 dB so you can listen longer in safety.

The ER-20 and Regular Fit Earplugs are recommended for budget-minded motor sports spectators, musicians and concert attendees alike, providing high-fidelity hearing protection in clubs and concert arenas for just $12 per pair. Don’t settle for the muffled sound of foam earplugs. Invest in a pair of ER-20 earplugs today.

Universal-Fit Ear Plugs

  • ER 20 & ETY high fidelity earplugs
  • Foam plugs
  • Ear Muffs
  • Baby Ear Muffs

Custom-Fit Earplugs

  • Fit perfect with every insertion
  • Consistency of fit ensures consistency of protection

Musician Plugs

  • Highest fidelity of any earplug available
  • Balanced sound reduction maintains high fidelity of  frequencies
  • Not muffled, natural sound
  • 3 levels of sound reduction: 9dB, 15dB or 25dB interchangeable filters
  • Custom made of soft silicone

Artists for whom we have provided services for:
Chevelle, Collective Soul, Purple Apple, Simple, Sublime With Rome, Suede Stoute, Susie McMurray, The Beach Boys, The Beeson Brothers, and The Lumineers.

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