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We are a private boutique hearing health care practice dedicated to enhancing your hearing and your brain. Book an appointment for a hearing exam with our skilled audiologists to learn more about hearing care solutions to help improve your quality of life. Our skilled doctors empower you to communicate, keep you mentally engaged and help stimulate your brain with well-fit hearing aids to reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Lake Forest Hearing also provides hearing aid repair services to help keep your hearing aids in optimal condition. It is our pleasure to welcome you to our practice! Evaluate, Educate, & Enhance!

Preservation audiology is a new approach to care for hearing and brain health.

Preventative hearing care keeps your hearing healthy and young for life. How?

Regular checkups with your audiologist to assess your hearing from ear-to-brain.

Taking steps to protect your hearing with the right gear for personal listening and hearing.

Taking the right supplements that support your hearing and brain functions.

Hearing Brain Health Facts

Hearing Brain Health

Hearing loss causes the brain to shrink 2% faster every year.

Untreated hearing loss causes cognitive abilities to decline 30 to 40% faster.

A Johns Hopkins study revealed correct hearing treatment can reduce risk for cognitive decline by 50%.

Brain Shrinkage

Hearing loss causes the frontal part of the brain to work a lot harder to process sound leaving less energy for memory and thinking.

It takes more than a hearing aid; it takes a skilled professional to program a safe sound mix to enhance brain processing and avoid sound overdose.

Contact us today to learn more about our proprietary Sound to Brain Strengthening program.

Take Action Now

With a comprehensive examination and consultation.

Well-fitted hearing aids help:

  • – restore communication abilities
  • – improve mood
  • – increase social interactions
  • – stimulate cognitive activities
  • – reduce the risk of cognitive decline

Tinnitus Evaluation & Treatment

Lake Forest Audiology is the leader in hearing health and tinnitus evaluation and treatment, using a science-based approach to evaluation, treatment, and care.  

Our collaboration with notable researchers at Northwestern University  helps advance our field forward with novel therapeutics and treatment options.


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