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We are a private boutique hearing health care practice dedicated to enhancing your hearing and your brain. Book an appointment for a hearing test with our skilled audiologists to learn more about hearing care solutions to help improve your quality of life. Our skilled doctors empower you to communicate, keep you mentally engaged and help stimulate your brain with well-fit hearing aids to reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Lake Forest Hearing also provides hearing aid repair services to help keep your hearing aids in optimal condition. It is our pleasure to welcome you to our practice! Evaluate, Educate, Enhance

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Hearing Brain Health Facts

Hearing Brain Health
Hearing loss causes the brain to shrink 2% faster every year.
Hearing Brain Health
Untreated hearing loss causes cognitive abilities to decline 30 to 40% faster.
Brain Shrinkage
Hearing loss causes the frontal part of the brain to work a lot harder to process sound leaving less energy for memory and thinking.
Brain Shrinkage
It takes more than a hearing aid, it takes a skilled professional to program hearing aids to enhance your brain.
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With a comprehensive examination and consultation.
Well fit hearing aids help:
- restore communication abilities
- improve mood
- increase social interactions
- stimulate cognitive activities
- reduce the risk of cognitive decline

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  • "Dr. Lori Ann Halvorson is my hearing hero..." Capt. James Lovell

  • Dr. Halvorson is ranked by Phonak as "One of the Top Lyric Providers in the country"

    A Premier Elite Lyric Provider
  • "Dr. Halvorson has been extremely helpful with all of the small adjustments that needed to be made with my hearing aids and shows a cheerfulness and willingness to please the customer until satisfaction is attained. I strongly recommend Dr. Halvorson to anyone with a hearing problem."

    Richard C., MD, PhD.
  • “Lori is an outstanding business person who demonstrates professionalism in all of her interactions with patients and suppliers. I have personally seen her fitting patients and the respect her patients have for her is unmatched.”

    Mike Orscheln
  • “I have worked with Lori for 28 years in different capacities. She was in training when we first met. She is an incredibly hard, detail-oriented worker and a joy to work with. I can truly recommend her services with the highest degree of certainty.”

    Kenneth L. Stein, MD, SC
  • “Dr. Lori Ann Halvorson is an experienced and knowledgeable audiologist who strives to provide her patients with the best products and cutting-edge hearing aid technology. In addition to staying current with the latest medical research and technology, she provides the utmost in compassionate and respectful care to all of her patients. It is Dr. Halvorson's warm and caring manner that has her patients coming back to her year after year for their hearing needs. As CEO of Lake Forest Hearing Professionals, she has created a comfortable setting with a dedicated staff to welcome her patients and provide them with excellent service.”

    Julie S
  • "Dr. Lori Halvorson helped me as a relatively young patient to use the Lyric device. I was resistant to using a device because of cosmetic reasons as I am working with the public every day. However, due to her listening and communication skills, she helped me make the right decision. The Lyric has helped me hear a lot better and the technology is fantastic. I love it! Her front office staff is great.”

    Anthony D'Antonio
  • “I’m an attorney in Naperville and I need to be able to hear everything in the courtroom. Lyric is a huge improvement over hearing aids I’ve had in the past. It’s completely invisible, so you don’t get the stigma that comes with having a hearing aid. Also, there’s no feedback. Dr. Lori is the first of four professionals in the world to fit the new generation of Lyric.”

  • “Before I came to LFH I went to several other audiologists and was told I would never hear from my left ear again. Dr. Halvorson fitted me with Sound Bite and I love the device. It has changed my life tremendously. Now I can hear the TV, my husband, and children. It’s a joy to go out to dinner and be able to hear everyone at the table. Dr. Lori helped me hear again! Her staff is always helpful and friendly, and they treat me so well.”

  • "During my evaluation Dr. Halvorson gave me a very comfortable sense of unmatched professionalism, knowledge about the latest technology in hearing devices, educated me thoroughly about my hearing, brain and processing, noise exposure, and possible solutions to protect and enhance the hearing I have. She fit me with custom noise plugs with high-fidelity filters, which help reduce loud noise while allowing me to hear voices clearly, whether I'm at the airport, on the racetrack, or in a restaurant.”

  • “I visited LFH for a hearing exam and fitting for Sensaphonics custom musician earplugs. I felt that Dr. Halvorson provided a very relaxed environment, was exceptional at explaining every component of the custom fitting, and made the right recommendation for earplugs based on my specific needs. I received the plugs today, inserted them and headed right for the drums. I cannot adequately explain my delight with the clear sounds that came through the plugs. Clarity and sound reduction seems counterintuitive, but you got it right. I am hearing recorded music with a clarity that I have not heard before. I anticipate great improvements resulting from my practice sessions. Amazing!!!

    Kevin Shay
  • "Dr. Halvorson recently fit me with Lyric hearing devices perfectly and painlessly in one visit. I am a new patient and am very impressed with her professional skills and nurturing bedside manner."

    Jill H
  • "I am 100 percent satisfied with my hearing aids and service!"

    Walter G
  • "I went to two other Lyric providers before I found Dr. Halvorson. There is no comparison, she is an expert. Before I could finish telling her it was uncomfortable at my last provider she had both Lyric devices in my tiny ears. I do not even feel them and I can hear!

    Maria W
  • "Dr. Halvorson is an angel. I felt her caring spirit the minute she welcomed me with a firm handshake. I was scared to get Lyric put in my ears, now I look forward to my visits at LFH. I feel so alive when I leave her office."

  • "I did not want to wear hearing aids because I thought they would make me look old. But Dr. Halvorson educated me on how my memory and cognition could be affected if I didn’t take care of my hearing. After wearing my hearing aids I realized how much I was missing.”

    John G
  • "Lake Forest Hearing changed my life and brought me back into the social world. Thank you!"

    Lauriann M.
  • "Lizzy and I are excited to start working with LFH! She's already told the entire 4th grade that she is getting hearing aids, and her classmates are excited for her!"

    Diane B.
  • "Excellent services and no waiting for a long time, I was in and out quickly."

    Nikki O.
  • "Great doc. Great person. Always a nice visit. Highly recommend!"

    Ali H.
  • "Great experience and personal attention to detail. Protecting your hearing IS protecting your brain!"

    Joseph Y.
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