Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids Fit for Any Ear.

In the ear or behind the ear hearing aids?
Mild, moderate or severe hearing loss?
Discreet, matching your hair and skin tone or in your favorite color?

There are many styles of hearing aids to choose from that meet your specific individual needs.

Premier Lyric Hearing Aids Provider

Lake Forest Hearing is a Premier Elite provider of Lyric® Hearing Aids. “The contact lens for your ear” that’s 100% invisible, clear, provides natural sound, no daily hassles, and no batteries to change.

Custom Follow Up Care

Hearing aids work their best when they have been professionally fit and adjusted to specific needs. We recommend that you schedule an appointment for your hearing aids to be professionally cleaned and checked every 3 months.

Hearing aids can help keep your brain fit

Scientists found that people with hearing loss who used hearing aids and were socially active experienced cognitive decline at a rate similar to those without hearing loss. People with hearing loss who didn’t use hearing aids had a higher risk of accelerated cognitive decline due to withdrawal from social activities. In other words, actively using hearing aids reduces the risk of cognitive decline. The scientists concluded that the key was not just their ability to hear better, but, more important was the role better hearing played in keeping them involved in life.

By helping to at least partially restore communication abilities, hearing aids may help improve mood, increase social interactions and enable more participation in cognitively stimulating activities and consequently slow cognitive decline.

Contact our audiologists to learn more about our selection of hearing aids and services. Lake Forest Hearing in Lake Forest, Northfield and Chicago, Illinois provides products and services to improve your hearing health, lifestyle, and friendships.