LFH Visits the Onwentsia Club to Talk About Cognitive Health & Brain Hearing

This month, Dr. Lori Halvorson and our Hearing Wellness and Education team visited the Onwentsia Club in Lake Forest to speak to its members about Cognitive Health and Brain Hearing.

One of our goals at Lake Forest Hearing is to educate as many people as we possibly can on what healthy hearing is and how to maintain it.

We hear with our brain, not our ears. The ears are the receptors but our brain is what helps us make sense out of sound. If we do not have healthy hearing, the brain has to work harder to “fill in the gaps”. The ears and brain work together to help recognize, orient, separate and focus on sounds. Hearing devices or hearing aids can work as a “hearing assistant” for the brain and can help orient and recognize sounds more naturally.

“I want to thank you very much for your presentation. Our members thought that it was very helpful and well done,” said the president of the Onwentsia Club. “It was nice to see John and Jay give you such a great ‘thumbs up’. You did such a good job in showing us what hearing means to all of us.”







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