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Most people who have vision problems use glasses or contact lenses. It is something they have to get used to because, if they don’t, their eyes will need to work harder to focus and could bring about eyestrain, headaches, lazy eye, or other conditions—causing their vision to get worse. The same can be said when it comes to hearing loss. Hearing aids are essential for individuals with hearing loss to avoid damage to normal cognitive functions. Hearing aids are essential for children, teens, and young adults to ensure maximum speech recognition. Individuals with hearing loss experience less nerve stimulation from sounds, which causes their understanding of speech to worsen.

A lot of people who need hearing aids do not wear them. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association says that less than 25 percent of people who could benefit from hearing aids actually get them. So far, in the US, there are 36 million adults that suffer from hearing loss. Why is it that the majority of these individuals with hearing loss are not taking care of their hearing?

Many people think hearing aids are ugly and big. This is not the case. Hearing aids come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Our audiologists recommend in-the-ear hearing aids or in-the-canal hearing aids to individuals seeking a modern, sleek, and nearly invisible hearing care solution. Some people, like Stacey Lim, a professor from Michigan, express their style by decorating and personalizing their hearing aids. Other people think they’re “too young” to wear hearing aids. Well, hearing loss can start at anytime and for many reasons. For example, nowadays more and more teens are losing their hearing due to playing their music too loud when listening through ear buds.

Our hearing doctors recommend participating in standard hearing tests. Our hearing tests are designed to pinpoint various types of hearing loss in kids, teens, and adults. In addition, our Audiologists work with you to investigate potential causes of hearing loss. After we conduct our initial hearing tests, Lake Forest Hearing collaborates with you to develop a hearing protection plan that meets your unique circumstances and preferences. Contact our Audiologists by phone at (847) 295 – 1185 or through our website to schedule a hearing test and appointment.

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Call Us: (847) 295 – 1185

How Lake Forest Hearing Can Help Your Hearing…

At LFH, we provide a complete range of hearing services including:
– Comprehensive Hearing Testing
– Hearing Aid Evaluations
– Hearing Aid Sales
– 30-day return privilege on all hearing aids
– Hearing Aid Repairs on all brands
– Hearing Aid Battery Club
– Wax Removal
– Noise Monitoring

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