Minerals Can Help Keep Your Hearing Healthy!

Last month we told you how to make your garden “hearing healthy” and advised on the different types of vegetables that can help your hearing.

This month we want to educate you on the minerals you can use to give your hearing a “boost”. When meal prepping for the week, going out to eat, and buying groceries, you should check what minerals are in your food. If you want strong bones, you drink more milk because of its calcium. Well, if you want healthy hearing you should gear your diet in the right way with the right minerals.

To help prevent age-related hearing loss consume foods that are rich in potassium, like bananas, spinach or potatoes. This will help regulate the fluid in the inner ear. Folic acid can be consumed to help slow down hearing loss. It also helps with the body’s circulation which helps the hair cells of the inner ear. For this, you can eat meat or broccoli. Studies have shown that people that consume magnesium could be protected from noise-related hearing loss. Some foods rich in magnesium are tomatoes and artichokes. Zinc helps prevent ear infections and studies have shown it helps treat tinnitus. Beef, almonds and beans are good ways to consume zinc.

Don’t wait! Update your diet to include these minerals and start taking care of your hearing.
If you’d like to learn more about what to do to keep your hearing healthy, give us a call.

To read the full article on Foods that boost hearing: Be mindful of your minerals click here!

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