The Very Important Check-Up Men Should Be Getting

Staying active and maintaining a healthy level of fitness are goals for many men of all ages. Some do it by eating right or by going to the gym. A lot of them also make sure to get an annual physical exam and a screening for testicular cancer. This is great… but hearing evaluations are also very important. Hearing loss in men can cause more than just hearing problems. It can cause depression, cognitive decline and dementia.

According to an article by the Better Hearing Institute:

  • Men (20-69 years) are nearly twice as likely to have hearing loss as women.
  • More than half of men who say they have difficulty hearing think their hearing loss was caused or contributed to by noise on the job or loud recreational activities.
  • About half of the men surveyed with untreated hearing loss say they’ve felt down, depressed or hopeless for several days or more in the last two weeks. Those who used hearing aids were less likely to say they felt that way.

Studies have also found that hearing loss is associated with poor cognitive functioning on non-verbal tests of memory, the risk of developing dementia, and increased rates of brain atrophy. Get back the sounds of your life and get your hearing checked. It’s about more than just your hearing. It’s about your mental health as well.

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