Could You Please Repeat That? The Impact of Hearing Loss & Available Hearing Care Solutions

Hearing Care Solutions for the Hearing Impaired

As a hearing health care practice that deals with a multitude of patients with all different types of hearing loss, we understand how frustrating it can be for people with hearing impairments to communicate with the people around them. “What?”, “Excuse me?”, and “Come again?” are common phrases used constantly by people who suffer from this condition. This can be exhausting for both parties in the conversation.

People with hearing loss sometimes work harder to listen and understand what is being said. This causes the brain to overwork itself by trying to “fill in the blanks” and can lead to Hearing Loss Exhaustion which means that hearing loss could cause feelings of low energy. Sometimes people with hearing loss will answer questions inappropriately or will not understand what the conversation is about simply because they misheard what was being said.

When speaking to someone who has hearing loss:

  • Be patient. Speak clearly and, if necessary, speak slow.
  • Do not speak for them. If they didn’t hear what you said repeat it so they can answer by themselves.
  • Face them when speaking and keep lips visible.
  • Do not talk to them from another room.
  • Avoid noisy environments, if possible.

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Lake Forest Hearing is a hearing health care practice that provides hearing care solutions to meet your unique needs and preferences. We provide a large selection of hearing aids, ear plugs, earphones, and hearing aid repair services. Our hearing doctors also provide comprehensive hearing tests to evaluate your hearing. Contact our Audiologists to learn more about our hearing care solutions.

Hearing Care Solutions…

At LFH, we provide a complete range of hearing services including:
– Comprehensive Hearing Testing
– Hearing Aid Evaluations
Hearing Aid Sales
– 30-day return privilege on all hearing aids
Hearing Aid Repairs on all brands
– Hearing Aid Battery Club
– Wax Removal
– Noise Monitoring

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