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There are many different factors that contribute to hearing loss and many different ways to prevent it and/or treat it. Anyone can suffer from hearing loss symptoms–from babies, teens, adults, to seniors. Common causes of hearing problems include head traumas, aging, exposure to loud noises, viruses, genetics, accidents, etc.

Different types of hearing loss include: auditory processing disorder (when the brain can’t process information from sounds correctly), conductive (problem with the outer or middle ear), and sensorineural (when the auditory nerve is damaged). Hidden hearing loss is another type but this one can’t be detected during a regular hearing test. The difference between hidden hearing loss and other types of hearing loss is that it is harder to listen to sounds in noisy settings. The nerve cells are damaged and can’t communicate with the hair cells, not allowing information to be sent to the brain. Synapse loss and myelin disruption are two forms of hidden hearing loss. “Both forms of hidden hearing loss, noise exposure and loss of myelin, can occur in the same individual for an additive effect,” says Gabriel Corfas, director of the Kresge Hearing Research Institute at the University of Michigan’s Department of Otolaryngology. There are currently no treatments or medications for hidden hearing loss.

Click here, to learn more about hidden hearing loss and the study done by the University of Michigan.

Our Audiologists at our hearing care solutions facilities recommend signing up for a hearing test and appointment to learn more about your hearing. Our hearing doctors work with you to evaluate your hearing and potential hearing issues. Our hearing tests allow us to pinpoint potential causes of hearing loss and automate the planning process to prevent further hearing loss.

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