Hearing Aid Options

Custom Completely-in-the-canal Hearing Aids

Completely-in-the-canal is an invisible solution that does not sacrifice sound, quality or comfort. All the electronic components are housed in a tiny custom shell that fits deeply in the ear canal.

Oticon Custom Alta 2 Pro

Personalized to fit your unique hearing profile and lifestyle. Enhances all of the subtle nuances of a conversation — even a whisper. Custom made to fit your ear canal precisely.

Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium

Made from medical-grade titanium. Super discreet. Durable and light weight. AutoSense OS™ adapts simply to every sound environment automatically. Click here to learn more!

Custom Receiver-in-the-canal Hearing Aids

These hearing aids consist of a hard plastic case that houses a microchip. The plastic body hides completely behind the ear and connects to a thin wire inserted into the ear canal. The receiver sits inside the ear canal to deliver sound.

Oticon OPN

The first hearing aid proven to be easier on the brain. Scans your environment 100 times per second. 50 times faster sound processing and 30 times better speech understanding. Reduce listening effort by 20%. Remember 20% more of your conversations. Analyze: scan 360 degrees of the sound environment more than 100 times per second. Adjusts and balances the levels of individual sound sources. Rapidly attenuates excessive noise, even between words. Open Sound Navigator for less stress. Remember more. Better hearing. Click here to learn more!

Hassle-free wireless connectivity to your phone, television and other devices. Oticon Opn™ is the world’s first hearing aid that connects to the Internet via the If This Then That network (IFTTT.COM). Want the lights to turn on automatically when you switch on your hearing aids? Want to be notified in your hearing aids when someone’s at the door? Ask Dr. Halvorson, AuD and the audiologists at Lake Forest Hearing about the limitless possibilities available and craft your own connections to a range of IFTTT-enabled devices used in everyday life.

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