Captain James Lovell Tells Us How He Takes Care of His Hearing!

One of our goals at Lake Forest Hearing (LFH) is to make sure our patients feel well informed and up-to-date in all things related to healthy hearing. When patients tell us their success stories and how their hearing has improved, this is how we know we’ve done our job right.

One of our most recent success stories comes from former NASA astronaut and retired Captain of the US Navy, Captain James Lovell, who has been our patient for over 20 years. “LFH empowers me to communicate, connect with the people around me, and to forge relationships. It has helped me stay involved in my life and lets me continue to do the things I love,” said Capt. Lovell.

We will continue to work together to provide our patients with thorough hearing evaluations, personalized assessments for their listening needs and lifestyles, and different choices of hearing aids or hearing safety equipment that help keep their hearing healthy.

Click below to watch Capt. Lovell’s video testimonial for Lake Forest Hearing!

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