The Beautiful Partnerships of the Hearing Impaired and Their Hearing Dogs

Photo credit: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

For people without hearing or with severe hearing loss, life can prove to be very difficult. It can cause them to feel isolated, stressed and lonely. Using hearing aids, cochlear implants or assistive listening devices can help them get through their day-to-day lives. Having the help and support of their loved ones can make a big difference as well.

There are also trained canine assistants who help the hearing impaired. These dogs know when to alert their partners to the sounds and noises around them. If someone is knocking on the door, if the smoke detector alarm is going off, if the alarm clock is ringing, if there is traffic approaching or if someone is calling out to their partners, their canine best friend is there to alert them every time.

There are hundreds of success stories from people whose lives have been completely transformed or saved thanks to their hearing dogs. Anne is a perfect example of this. She lost her hearing after having surgery to remove a brain tumor. Her dog Tegan has helped Anne by alerting her to sounds along with being a positive influence on her mental wellbeing by helping her not feel alone. Anne says that the moment she met Tegan she knew they were going to be a partnership. “Tegan has given me the confidence to go out in public and has enhanced my life beyond measure,” said Anne. “She’s made me the person I am now. She is my friend and my companion and she’s there for me.”
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If you’re looking to adopt a professionally trained dog, Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. can help. Click here to learn more and to apply!

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